Thank you and good luck to Marte


Top athletes is an important part of MOT’s brand profile. Since 1994, MOT ambassadors have been an important part of MOT.

Marte Snorroeggen Wivestad was a player on Norway’s national handball team for several years. In 2009, she became a MOT ambassador for MOT Norway. Because of her warm and passionate personality, she became an employee of MOT Norway in 2009. I was immediately impressed by her commitment to MOT’s purpose, as well as her comprehensive understanding. Marte had good and energizing habits and a positive and listening body language when she participated in meetings, gatherings and lectures. She learnt quickly, was dedicated and aspired to strengthen her own development, focus and discipline. She felt at home being part of a top performance group with a top athlete spirit. She was tough and brave. She had a go-ahead spirit and liked being a part of MOT’s comprehensive system with a clear concept. She asked many questions and had a lot of comments, but still, she was loyal to decisions that were made.

In 2011, I asked her to take the position as the Country Manager for MOT Norway. I am very happy that she accepted my request.

I 2012, Marte started in the combined role as both Country Manager and Core Activities Manager. Last year, Marte decided to retire from MOT, to my great disappointment and sorrow… She was tired after seven years in a tough and challenging double leader role. Marte has been a great leader for MOT Norway. She has led the organisation as MOT’s national power centre and as a top performance group. She has infected MOT Norway’s MOT coaches, MOT principles and Young MOTivators with her passion and energy. She has made others become great and authorities. She has made others feel they are part of something bigger than themselves and she has set MOT’s position before her own. Marte has been living Anita Roddick’s quote: “The end result of kindness is that it draws people to you.”

From day one Marte was a good and trustworthy MOT speaker. Impatient to get things done and determined and hungering for results.

These are three major results because of Marte and her leadership:
➢ In 2013, Elo Andersen heard a MOT-speech by Marte. He was fascinated… It became his inspiration to start MOT Denmark.

➢ In 2012, MOT Norway only received 20.000 euro from the national government. Starting as a leader, Marte had an extreme focus on improved recognition and funding from the national government. Result: over the last five years MOT Norway has received a total of 2,6 million euro from the national government.

➢ Marte has been focusing on reinforcing the quality and entirety, among other things by making more schools and local communities become society builders. As a result, more than 100 secondary and upper secondary schools signed up on MOT’s supplementary programme “School as a Society Builder” during the last 2-3 years she was leader.

Marte’s personality has strengthened MOT’s image in Norway and in 2017, she was named Leader talent of the year in the Trondheim region. I admire Marte for many things. In particular, I admire her for the way she has been curious about getting the right understanding of the total picture and the thoughts behind it. “Why? Why? Why?” The first years as leader she asked and asked, read and read, and was curious about the concept and my thoughts. After that she has ensured and fought for that MOT Norway was growing right – within the concept and with the right people.

Marte has a love for MOT and over the last three months she has been a mentor and sparring partner for Mariann, MOT Norway’s new Country Canager. She will continue with that also in 2020.

On Monday 13. January, Marte starts in a new job as head of the department “Sports and physical education” at Heimdal Upper Secondary School. The staff and youth at that school are lucky.

Tomorrow 11. January, Marte is 37 years old.

Happy birthday, Marte!