Important recognition for MOT Norway


MOT Norway is one of the organisations the Norwegian government recommend supporting through the government budget for 2020.

The following annotations about MOT have been made in the national state budget:

Committee on Health and Care Services:

«The committee will point out that MOT is a great tool for achieving mastery of life and good mental health by developing robust youth, who include all. Governmental support is important for the organisation to keep up their work.”  

Committee on Education and Research:

“The committee wants to highlight the organisation MOT and their good work with preventing bullying and establishing safe learning environments in schools. MOT is a preventive and health promotive programme in schools that works long-term and systematic across sectors, and MOT shows good results in establishing good and safe learning environments.”

From the Committee on Family and Culture:

«This majority will point out the important work MOT is doing to create a safe and inclusive society, and will emphasize the importance of maintaining the organisation’s contribution to the post.»

To get this kind of recognition from the state government is very important to us. This means we can reach even more youth in 2020.

Regine Oen Hatten, Core Activites Manager MOT Norway