Thank you for the year 2019


Best MOT enthusiasts, thank you for the way you have been an inspiration to many in 2019. 

Congratulations for how you, with your ‘share’ in MOT, have helped lifting MOT to new heights. Because, everyone who feels ownership to MOT, has a ‘share’ in MOT. Today, the number of people with ownership to MOT counts many ten thousands… 

I am grateful for having experienced another year with youth inspiring many of us to stay passionate about MOT. It is very motivational in our work with MOT, when youth communicate as follows in writing or from the stage:

«MOT has thought me ways of thinking and which values I shall have.»

«MOT has thought me how to understand others more.»

«I look forward to the MOT sessions, because then ALL are included.»

«MOT to me means safety.»

«When I find myself in difficult situations, I use the MOT tools.» 

Quality of life is a subjective thing

Despite of a troubled childhood with a lot of rejection, Winston Churchill said: «History will be kind to me, for I intend to write it». 2019 is now behind us and for some it may be nice having Churchill’s words in mind when thinking about the past year. We choose ourselves what to collect: the pluses or minuses. 2019 to you and 2019 to me, is like the rest of our life story; a lot of it we can write ourselves. We can decide whether to focus on what we are grateful for or on what didn’t go our way. That means that we by our focus can ensure a good quality of life with happiness, despite of destructive happenings.

Life is too short to be a victim

A new year with a new page lays ahead of us. Little do we know about what is expecting us. However, what we know is that we, in 2020 and for the rest of our lives, can use the happenings from the last year to develop ourselves.

Here are a few reminders that I will bring on in 2020. I got them from sparring partners and speakers, through observations, literature and happenings in 2019. Hopefully, they may also be helpful to others in developing themselves.

– Do things you like and are passionate about – without being awarded or praised by others for it.

– Argue and fight, until decision is made.

– We are blind to how we influence on others, but we are not blind to how others influence on ourselves.

– Accept not being good enough in others’ eyes – don’t let anyone incapacitate you and make you feel inferior without your permission.

– Don’t let people that don’t wish you well and don’t do you well, get any space in your mind. Surround yourself mostly with the ones who show trust in you, do you well, admire you and wish the best for you.

– Everyone has the right to become the best version of themselves.

One very powerful moment in 2019 was when I in September heard a youth, who had escaped from Syria to Norway, say: «MOT helps youth find the right way. MOT puts youth on the right track.»

Happy New Year!