New National Curriculum is opening doors for MOT Norway


From 2020 the schools in Norway start implementing a new National Curriculum.

Some of the key features concerning the content of the new curriculum are:

  • Pupils will be familiarised with key social challenges through the introduction of three interdisciplinary topics:  health and life skills, democracy and citizenship, and sustainable development.

We are of course very happy with this reform. Thanks to the new curriculum, we experience that many schools are contacting us, and in January only we have 5 new schools that are ready to sign with MOT. MOT Norway is now very focused on communicating to the schools that MOT is an excellent tool for implementing the new curriculum, especially when it comes to health and life skills.

It is a great recognition of the work that has been done in MOT over the past 23 years. From the beginning in 1997 MOT has talked about mastery of life, and it was a continuous struggle to make governmental departments see the importance of teaching life skills in schools. Now it’s on everyone’s lips.

We really feel that the ‘snowball is rolling’, and with hard and good work we hope that we will see a big growth in 2020.

Regine Oen Hatten, Core Activities Manager, MOT Norway