Thank You!


MOT Denmark held the annual Thank You gathering for all our sponsors.

As always it was the youth who represented MOT together with the team lead by 17 year old Young MOTivator and MOTs Project Group leader, Eva. She had 3 fresh and new Young MOTivators alongside of her to help her talk about MOT. Also the MOT Denmark team Mette, Didde-Louise, Nikolaj and Kira were there to present themselves in a MOT way!

At the Thank You gathering, we were excited to reveal 3 news:

  • First of all, we have hired Nikolaj full time from August next year! He will continue to be MOT School manager in the Aarhus region, MOT Festival manager and he will be MOT ambassador manager! We look forward to having him onboard fulltime!
  • Secondly, we signed a new sponsor deal on stage with the Danish company Bording Denmark We look forward to cooperating with this valuebased company who will help MOT Denmark financially but also with their core competences.
  • Thirdly, we signed a MOT ambassador agreement with the Danish Swimming National Team who knows and uses MOT in their sport. They did very well at EM in Scotland a couple of weeks ago and were impressed to see our young presenters being so courageous and sincere.

Stina Grøn Vogel, Core Activities Manager MOT Denmark