The “MOTy” feeling


Between 1st -6th of December 2019, MOT Thailand organized the MOT Basic education training with great success.

The MOT Basic education training  was divided into 2 groups as follows: group 1 was organized between 1st-3rd December 2019 and group 2 between 4th-6th December 2019. Most of the trainees were school directors and teachers of the Udon Thani Educational Service Area 2 and Nongkhai Educational Service Area 1. In order to make the school directors and teachers get the right and MOTty feeling and become part of MOT. 

It was an intensive period full of learning, inspiration, great experiences and fun for the school directors and teachers who were invited to participate.  The results of the training by using  the evaluation form was found that  the participants in both groups were overall satisfied at the highest level. And want to start as a MOT coach/ principal at their MOT schools and MOT coordinator with a main score was 5.38.

Here are som pictures from the Basic education:

Pikky Pitchuka Usanee, Country Director MOT Thailand