A strong MOT glow


March 2020 started out with MOT Denmarks enthusiast gathering “MOT Denmark ILD 2020 – See the Whole Person”.

It was a renewed and improved version as the day was shorter in order to reach more participants and the strategy worked! We had a great day with workshops around MOT’s principle: See the Whole Person, inspirational speaches, music and our tributes to MOT coordinator, MOT leader, MOT school, MOT enthusiast and MOT coach of the year. It was a day with a strong MOT glow and we enjoyed every bit of it together with 160 participants.

March has also offered a life changing challenge for Denmark and the rest of the world due to the COVID-19 situation. Denmark closed down on Friday 13th and this has been new to everyone. In MOT Denmark we had to think fast and be creative in order to reach out to our 45.000+ youth who experienced a jumble of emotions. We are using SoMe as the main platform to keep in touch. Our MOT Projectgroup has taken charge and post inspirational, motivational and reassuring features from young MOT students and our MOT brand ambassadors under the theme “Use the Flashlight”. In addition to this MOT Denmark have produced a couple of videos with coping skills tools for everyone! The feedback on these quick and dogma videos has been powerful! MOT school leaders ask if they can send it to not only their MOT students but also the whole staff and parents.

The lockdown has been extended and we are ready with virtual MOT sessions after Easter.

It is a very uncommon and tough time for many, but in all the despair and tragedy we find new ways to cope – some of them which will be part of our future strategy. In a short circuit situation where everyone must stop and rethink everything, creativity, community and charity grow! And that is what MOT is all about!

Stina Grøn Vogel, Core Activities Director MOT Denmark