The magic of the last, 12th MOT session


One of the biggest motivations to lead MOT in Latvia for me is being MOT coach myself.

On 9th of March was my last MOT session with class 9B. Over the 3 school years with students I couldn’t say that it was always inspirational, magical and I saw their lifes changing. We just went together through this journey, step by step, MOT session after MOT session according the receipe. And here it is: the last meeting.

I was surprised how well youth remembered what we’ve done over the years and what was the meaning behind. I was very touched by seeing the poster they prepared for the class teacher. What an atmosphere and how deep reflections were in the class when there was a round guessing abut each students future. But to me the most magical point of the session was  when both Young MOTivators stood up and said to me – Ilze, please sit down, now we are going to lead this session! They suggested a round, where each student shall say 2 things: the most important for her/him from MOT and give jetfuel to Ilze😊

Long story short: the last MOT session was an unforgettable experience, that inspired me and strenghtened me in my MOT mission.

And finally, after the MOT session I knew there must be good things written in letters to MOT and the results should be good too, but still. Here are some quotes from youth’s letters:

We wish to have more MOT, we were very much looking forward each MOT session, courage to care was new for me and it opened my eyes, I’m proud of my class, we are a good team, build by MOT. MOT is great, there is nothing to make it better. Go ahead, MOT!

Ilze Paidre-Stake, CEO MOT Latvia