Great Support


MOT Thailand are helping hospitals during the Covid-19 pandemic, and they also welcome three new board members.

On 5th of April 2020, Dr. Pikky Pitchayasukan Thonganantiwong as a CEO/CAD and a secretary  of  MOT Thailand, she was a representative of Chairperson; Sutisa Utalun and committees of  MOT Thailand brought 20 meters of fabric  to give Mr. Surapol Jaemwuttipreecha; the vice chairperson of MOT Thailand  as a leader in fabric masks production who want to be given to the Udon Thani Hospital Center. And all masks to distribute to patients’ relatives who came to the hospital  for  using to prevent the Covid 19 infection from patients.

On 8th of April 2020, MOT Thailand invited the Executive Boards meeting via online video conferencing, because of MOT Thailand still has to continue working despite the crisis from Covid 19. The meeting was to welcome the three new board members who’re very please to join with MOT Thailand in which we had the honor of Mr. Suwan Teerapongtanakorn, the director of Ban Khok Klang School, Udon Thani Province, Mr Adisorn Yothachai, the director of Ban Na Dee Khok Klang School and Mrs. Nitchanan Silaruang, the business owner of Scotch@Viewpanlan Project. All three of them want to help and support all forms of foundation operations in addition, they’re also trained in the field of MOT basic education training. They completed in December and became MOT coaches already.

Pikky Thonganantiwong, CEO MOT Thailand