MOT is a way of life


A Young MOTivator from MOT Denmark said to me: Stina, I think that the need for MOT will be even bigger now and after Corona! It made me curious.

Here is what one of MOT Denmark’s experts mean about that:

MOT stands for community and unity. But also preventing all sorts of challenges and problems. These are important skills in our society today and especially now! And I believe, that the skills, youth learn from MOT will be even more valueable after the Corona crisis. I will explain why.

No one could have predicted the effects of Corona. It is here and we have to go through it. But we can go through it with MOT’s community and unity in mind. We can use MOT’s values every day and get through this together – and learn more about ourselves and each other. So that when we, many years from now, talk about this period, we will not only focus on how devastating it was but even more importantly: how we got through it – together! Together as families, friends, class mates, societies, countries – globally! I think MOT can be one of the biggest “helpers” in this process. MOT is not just a fun time out from ordinary school, not just extra school. MOT is something I take with me in everything I do and everywhere I am: in school, at home, online. This crisis has taken away our physical community. We are physically away from our friends and class mates. I miss that so much!

MOT will play a very important role in helping us to get back together, see each other in new ways and being there, maybe even more than before, for those who have had an extra hard time being at home. MOT is a way of life! MOT is for everyone and will be essential in building our community and society after this. When we have MOT in my class, concentration is higher and more intense, we laugh and cry, we see each other in a different way! Even those who say that they don’t like it all that much – they change too. I can see it! I hope that all schools can have MOT. There is no price that is too high when it comes to happy and courageous children and youth. That is my final word about that!

From Alexander, 9th grade at Seden Skole in Denmark.

We will do our very best to get this message out, so that many more youth can look forward to having MOT as a “helper”, when they start school again.

Stina Grøn Vogel, Core Activities Manager MOT Denmark