The youth’s present and future. Value based leaders in a crisis


The crisis hits hard for many young, vulnerable humans who do not have a safe and secure family environment.

School and leisure time activities act as a sanctuary for many. Their classmates, teachers and sports coaches are their “family”. Many of these youth are now “trapped” 24/7 with people who do not show them kindness. These youth are now experiencing long days filled with hardships. The society has failed when it comes to looking out for the most disadvantaged and vulnerable groups.

When Sigrun and I were in South Africa in the beginning of March this year, we encountered three spirited young people in their early 20’s from Cape Town. When I asked them about what they found to be the best and worst part of being young in South Africa, they all answered in union: “the unemployment rate”. At that time, the corona crisis had not yet taken its toll on society the way it has today. The unemployment rate around the world has since then exploded, and many will find themselves without a job after the corona crisis.

Having a job to go to is not just about finical stability and livelihoods for the young ones. It is just as much about hope, independence, family, quality of life, happiness and having a purpose. I hope that the fight to save lives because of the virus will not leave us paying too high of a price for the young generation’s future. Unemployment also increases social issues.

We have rarely found ourselves in a position where we experience the uncertainty that we do today. More than ever before in our lifetime, we need value based leaders who can deal with crisis, both for countries and businesses, and whom lead by own principles and inner compass. There are no guidelines or maps in circumstances like these. We need value based leaders with a flair for the future and a holistic understanding, who will keep a steady course throughout the uncertainty, but who can also adjust the course if necessary. We need value based leaders who prioritise and make difficult decisions that can be painful at first, but for the best for the future and the young generation of today.