Opportunities and benefits from the crisis on the long view


The international society, national leaders and all of us have got a common enemy that the we fight against.

In the despair and fear, there is also something nice and positive about it: We have a common goal. We have a common understanding because we are all in the same situation. We find ways of working together where we learn from each other. There is something youthful about it, because the youth of today represent a generation that thinks in a global rather than national way. I find that the youth hunger to create a world where we cooperate and gather the world into a new and huge team. Many of them are brave role models and represent the future’s leadership. I have faith that they by their values and dreams, wisdom and leadership, might mobilize the world’s population into strengthened awareness and courage, followed by more cooperation and sustainable solutions, less fear and conflicts.

Imagine the world will be as one. Imagine all the people living life in peace.

The word for crisis in Chinese is weiji: wei + ji.

● Wei means danger/dangerous.

●Ji means important point, crucial moment and opportunity.

Although the crisis might set us back some years, it might turn out positive. We’ll have to live more simply and find pleasure in what’s for free. However, despite less consumption, maybe we’ll become more grateful for what we have. I’m not sure the “standards” for success will be the same after the crisis. In 2020 versus 2019, I think many more will reflect upon their own values and life goals and what is quality of life, a good life and most important in life. I think MOT’s objective and values will be seen in a new light and become more important than ever.

Over just a couple of weeks, the crisis has led us into the digital communication and been an eye-opener to many about how easy and well we can strengthen community, inspiration and exchange of competence and experience. Video systems will strengthen efficient interactions. Meetings will be fewer and shorter. There will be more digital pep-talks and power-talks. I think we will get more self-moving customers, collaborating partners and associates. I think schools from now on will hire top skilled experts from all over the world to strengthen the education and level of competence. By digital communication the youth will learn from the best who are on a top level and extremely up to date.

The crisis and the time after will open for new dreams, new opportunities, new businesses, new cooperation and innovation, both within existing as well as within new areas.

We will meet much more on the digital platforms in the future. This will cause less pollution on earth. The Corona crisis has become a global break for our environmental climate. There is reason for optimism and belief in the future.

The sky is blue over Chinese cities.

Happy Easter and happy April!

All the best,