Updates from MOT Thailand


On 9th of May 2020, Miss Sutisa Utalun, as a Chairperson and MOT Thailand team supported some food for the amount of 200 unemploys because of their offices had to be closed since Covid 19 occurred.

On 17th  May  2020, Mr. Panyaphiphut Bumroong as a director of Ban Non Somboon school and MOT board member went to a supervision monitors study preparation through DLTV system and had a  meeting with the student’s parents to understand the students’ on line learning before the schools start again on 1st July, 2020. And Mr. Panyaphiphut  also explained about using MOT in daily life to improve the life skills of youth. The parents understand and are willing to cooperate with the school in youth development as well.

On 21st of May 2020, Miss Sutisa Utalun, as a Chairperson, Mr. Niyom Budda as a vice Chairperson, Dr. Pikky Pitchayasukan Thonganantiwong as a CEO/CAD and a secretary and Mr. Wiriya Buransan  as a MOT board member &Assistant secretary of MOT Thailand  went to meet the governor of Nong Khai Province in order to discuss the progressing through the work of  MOT Thailand  despite the crisis from Covid 19.  Mr. Ronnachai  Jitwiset, the governor of Nong Khai Province who knew and learnt that MOT can help youth become the robust youth. He therefore has an idea to support  the secondary schools in Nong Khai use the MOT Programme seriously.

He co-planned the operations with MOT Thailand, and allow the MOT boards to meet with the directors of every secondary schools in Nong Khai after the COVID 19 has gone and the schools start again.

On 23rd of May 2020, MOT Thailand Board members such as Miss Sutisa Utalun a Chairperson, Dr.Pikky, CEO and board members; Miss Pasuta Chowchaikhong and Mrs. Duangphon Tantragool joined the funeral of  Yai’s mother at Sankom district Nong Khai Province. And donated 3000 baht in the name of MOT Thailand to help this event, too.

On 26th of May 2020, Miss Chairperson, Mr. Vice chairperson and CEO of MOT Thailand  had a meeting for preparing to hold a meeting for the board members and MOT coaches. The objective of the meeting’s to plan for the youth development of MOT schools and the schools which will join the MOT Thailand in 2020, including the MOT basic education training for new MOT coaches and MOT coordinators, too.

Pikky Thonganantiwong, CEO MOT Thailand