The unique MOT spirit


As all schools in Latvia will no longer open in this school year, unfortunately MOT sessions have remained in the stand-by mode until autumn.

There are certain communication between MOT coaches and students on different platforms – ZOOM, Teams and other. There are also attractive video greetings from local MOT teams distributed to the youth. In middle of June we expect information from our government on whether and how MOT Basic education in August will be possible. It is not possible under current rules.

Consequently, the focus of our work in May continued to be the strenghtening of MOT Latvia organisation – work on strategy, defining weaknesses and further developing the action plan. We are supported by the prestigious advertising and communication agency McCann and Brand strategies agency White Label with the aim of strenghtening MOT  brand in Latvia in order to raise finances, attract new MOT schools and to obtain financial support from the government and municipalities. Special events were 2 workshops last week, where the conditions for selecting members were as many as possible MOT roles – youth, principal, MOT coach, coordinator, skeptic, fan. Even meeting from a distance you could feel the special, unique MOT spirit that is so lacking in the time of crises. We are very curious about the outcome from the cowork and, of course, will share it with you!

Ilze Paidre-Stake, CEO MOT Latvia