Graduation time in Latvia


June is traditionally graduation time in Latvian schools.

Despite Covid-19 most of the schools have decided to organize graduation events and among participants also MOT Coaches have been invited. It’s a very special moment when MOT Coach is given the word to address graduates in the presence of their teachers and parents – to thank youth for shared time in MOT sessions for 3 years, give personal presents to each of the student, including letters and sheets from MOT sessions. It’s a wonderful opportunity to remind about MOT tools – the flashlight, jetfuel etc. as well as a reminder of the 3 MOT values. But it’s also the time to say goodbye and wish all the best for their future, luck and success. Our MOT Coaches have been best prepared, innovative and sincere in the very last meeting with their youth. MOT Latvia is very proud of them!

For the organization June has been active as well. We started to prepare MOT Basic education and Enthuziast gathering in August and are finishing MOT strategy for the upcoming period.

Ilze Paidre-Stake, CEO MOT Latvia