MOT exists to strengthen youth’s courage


Life is unfair. We just have to realize that.

But our robustness gets weaker when we scream about injustice. We strengthen our robustness when we in the injustice realize “that’s just how it is” and make a choice to look forward instead of backwards and find good thoughts and metaphors in conflicts and unfair treatment:

  • Fly higher than the others.
  • Justice is like water – it always finds its way.
  • When in a conflict, don’t bother to think who is right. Think about that it is the wisest who takes the greatest responsibility and let that be you.

We strengthen our robustness when we are less concerned about being perfect and “fitting in everywhere”. I just read this in one of Jo Nesbø’s crime novels:

Did you know that Duke Ellington used to ask the piano tuner to tune the piano slightly off-tune?

No.When the piano is tuned clinically perfect, it doesn’t sound good. There are no flaws and it loses some of the warmth and the sense of authenticity.

Robustness strengthens our health. Our robustness and health are to a great extent determined by how we take it, not just how we are. Our immune system is weakened by fear. Fear creates stress response which in itself is unhealthy.

To have a passion for something strengthens people’s robustness and health. The worst thing you can do to a person is not to take away their life, but to take away what that person lives for.

What makes your life worth living?

In what way do you strengthen what other people live for and have a passion for?

Wishing you a lovely July.

All the best, Atle