A short update from MOT Foundation


Last week in Riga MOT Foundation’s Executive Team represented by Sigrun, Katrine, Lisa and I took part in MOT Latvia’s inspiring Enthusiast Gathering with passionate and right recruited MOT coaches.

During our stay in Riga MOT Foundation had a historical first leadership meeting. I am honoured to announce that we signed an agreement with Katrine as MOT’s Head of Internationalization and Global Teamwork (in a part time role).

She will work closely with Lisa, Sigrun and Ellen, who all wish to do their best within MOT Foundation’s mandate:

  1. MOT’s Comprehensive System
  2. Internationalization
  3. Sustainable global teamwork

Sustainable global teamwork will be put into a clear structure from January 2021. One of the aims is to strengthen the MOT countries as one global MOT group/unity that is working together with good communication and interaction. By creating good cooperation and synergies between MOT country managements – and MOT Foundation – we can produce a combined effect greater than the sum of the organisation’s separate efforts.

All the best,