Spot on recruitment


We are sending 140 new MOT coaches, MOT leaders and MOT coordinators out to our young people in Denmark these months.

We have now completed 2 MOT educations and we are high on respect and pride. Our recruitment this year is even more spot on than earlier. We see a growing interest from male MOT coaches which creates a good 50/50 balance. We find that newly trained teachers take on the task as MOT coaches and are humble and grateful to do so. We have found the right structure and balance on the MOT education so that we “walk the talk” when it comes to active learning, getting a strong theoretical and philosophical understanding of MOT and last but not least a practical certification on the last day. We are looking forward to our last and biggest MOT education in the middle of September.

We are communicating our reinforcement activities in a clearer and stronger way. In MOT Denmark, we have: Value start, Young MOTivator education, Courage to care day, Dream period, Enthusiast Gathering and MOT Festival. These are all spread out during the school year and are all part of our Robust Youth Programme. This has been received very well.

This fall we are starting up our Network Gatherings in each MOT school area and that is 5 in total. We tried it out in Aarhus last year and it was a great success. The recipe is to get one MOT school to host all the invited MOT schools in the area and then we spend a couple of hours together discussing how we can improve MOT in the schools, learning from each other and being inspired by a few presentations. A good way to work on the cutting edge and creating an even stronger MOT culture.

Stina Grøn Vogel, Core Acitivites Director MOT Denmark