That special atmosphere


August was the month of the peak for MOT Latvia, in which we could feel, master and increase the ownership to MOT.

There have been 2 highlights – MOT Basic education and MOT Enthusiast gathering as well. Though only one and quite small group (25 persons) in the Basic education, it was clear that we are reaching our goal of the year: quality over quantity! We rather have 25 “best of the best” persons than 50 “more or less OK”. We are very proud of our great recruitment and believe that each of them will have enorm impact on young people in the clasroom.

Despite the risks of the pandemic we also managed a nice MOT Enthusiast gathering. It took place partly open-air at the Botanical garden of the Latvian State university. For such a young MOT country as Latvia, we did several things for the very first time: moderators have been MOT youth, there was a beautiful award ceremony, live music was playing, online survey etc. Nevertheless we managed an podium discussion about the top theme nowadays: MOT in schools during Covid-19. The highlight of the event was an inspirational speech of MOT founder Atle. We are very grateful and happy that Atle, Sigrun and Lisa could attend our gathering. MOT enthusiasts were missing each other very much during the pandemic time and so the atmosphere in the gathering been very special and unforgetable.

MOT Latvia is more than ready for the new school year that is starting on 1st of September with 40 MOT schools and 7500 youth in the programme.

Ilze Paidre-Stake, CEO MOT Latvia