Clear planning


On 6th of October 2020, Dr. Pikky as a CEO & CAD with Mr. Wiriya Buransan who is the MOT coach and a secretary’s assistant of MOT Thailand together made a clear planning and scheduling of operations at MOT Thailand foundation office in Nong Khai, Thailand.

On 14th of October 2020, Dr.Pikky with Mr. Wiriya Buransan  had a meeting with the staffs of Educational Equality Fund for presenting MOT Thailand to communities in Nong Khai to know more about MOT.

During October 2020, Dr.Pikky and Mr.Wiraya Buransan  met the several Head of Educational departments in Nong Khai such as the office of Secondary Educational Service Area 21, Nong Khai Municipality, Nong Khai Provincial Administrative Organization, Nong Khai Educational Area 1 and area 2 for presenting MOT Thailand and the MOT Program to the directors and gave the MOT’s Diamond book and invited the school to make agreement with MOT Thailand before the MOT basic education.

Office of Nong Khai Nonformal and Informal Education Center
Nong Khai Municipality
Nong Khai Provincial Education Office

On 27th of October 2020, MOT Thailand by Dr. Pikky and Mr.Wiriya Buransan were honored by Mekong Network Association as guest speakers for training the teachers to have the power to develop children and youth into inner strength by organizing some activities.

Pikky Thonganantiwong, CEO MOT Thailand