New MOT coaches in Norway


The last two months at MOT-camp have been busy.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, MOT Norway have adjusted the maximum number of attendants on each education to 24. With new schools coming in we need to have a higher frequency of educations than ever.

The good part is that we are still allowed to have these MOT educations. So, the past month we have facilitated 4 Basic Educations for new MOT coaches and 1 Value based leadership gathering for principals. Even with strict Covid 19-restrictions, the feedback is overwhelming. We are so happy to have over a 100 new MOT principals and MOT coaches ready to meet the youth.

Read one of the feedback we got here:

“Very inspiring, engaging, powerful, genuine and honest. I am touched and understand how important the role we have as MOT coaches is. I take the job as MOT coach very seriously and I want to do my very best to give the young people a part of myself and the program. It is very feasible, easy to understand and at the same time important for the young people to go through in their youth. They need to have a forum where we can talk about and practice life in a safe environment. They need to practice group dynamics in their own class and see themselves in others. I look forward to putting on the uniform and starting the first MOT session and carrying it out in my own way. Thank you for three great  days and for giving of yourselves.”

Regine Oen Hatten, Core Activities Director MOT Norway