MOT South Africa Youth of the Month: Crystal Carelse


My name is Crystal Carelse and this is my story.

I grew up in an under privileged community and this was tough. My parents always motivated me and what always stuck with me is what my father said: “Don’t be a victim of circumstances but be a victor over circumstances” and that kept me going.

After I matriculated, I struggled to find a job. My dad lost his job in that same year. I got an opportunity in a factory where I worked for 9 years. This wasn’t the best job ever, but I had to work to support my family at that time. All I had to say to myself is that “I have I dream”. In 2016, I got retrenched and did not allow this to get me down. I then decided to go for my dreams and study Educare at Northlink TVET College, Goodwood Campus and this is where I was introduced to the MOT Programme.

In 2018, I got selected to be a Young MOTivator and I believe that this was a privilege. I never thought that I would be a role model and MOTivating others to be the better version of themselves.

MOT has unlocked abilities inside me that I never knew I had. Growing up, I was a very shy person, but MOT gave me the courage to be me, to be an inspiration to my fellow students and community. Implementing the values: the courage to live, the courage to care and the courage to say no in my community and college has made me see life in a different perspective. Over time it became my everyday lifestyle. Thank you, MOT!

Julia Duminy, CEO MOT South Africa