MOT’s development work


The idea for MOT was born in February 1994. It quickly became a concept and a new and unique way to work. Unique was also the way we went on and carried through with structure and efficiency. In the first years, MOT made radical innovation. The extraordinary is rarely created by one special ingredient, but more likely by combining what we already have and know in new and great ways. We also get closer to the extraordinary by transforming random experiences and unpleasantness into opportunities.

In local communities/schools where MOT is implemented correctly, we see a significant improvement in people’s behaviour and attitudes. This happens through implementing positive values and creating positive target group experience.

MOT is an innovation with great power to accomplish and ability to change, leading to important added value to society through the “building” and strengthening of young people’s robustness. Nowhere else have I ever seen or experienced anything like MOT’s Comprehensive System (MOT’s Concept and Brand Profile). It is an innovation in a global perspective and MOT is a new global player. MOT’s Comprehensive System can easily be transferred from country to country.

Today, looking back on the last 27 years, MOT has clearly “broken” with the traditional within preventive work. MOT has established a new industry: youth- and society building. MOT is a religiously and politically independent courage- and value-based movement for youth.

2020 is a turning point for MOT’s innovation work and the development process will be different from 2021. The need for substantial innovation and the important innovative entrepreneurship is over. The time after 2020 will be characterized by “incremental innovation”, meaning small, and almost unnoticeable reinforcements, updates, and improvements of the existing MOT programmes. In the future, the gradual innovation work will be carried out on a routine basis and through input from the MOT countries to MOT Foundation who will be the decision maker and hub.

The main part of MOT’s future innovation work will be simplification, reinforcement and giving greater force to the most important. It will be about being creative within MOT’s Comprehensive System’s frame. MOT will continually be strengthened trough new technology, new ways of marketing and external communication, of course also within the frame.

MOT needs to grow and spread easier and faster than today, putting pressure on MOT Foundation’s innovativeness and the expectations to every MOT country about making good strategies for how to strengthen growth and financing.

MOT’s development work will never be finished, but given it is 100% finished in 2034, this illustration describes my image of the gradual and periodical development over 40 years.