New year – new times – new surroundings


MOT Denmark has entered a 2.0 version this year. In spite of the Covid-19 restrictions, we enter this year with courage, readiness for change and opportunity focus.

So what does this mean in practice?

New CEO is Stina Grøn. We have moved “away from home” and are now situated in new surroundings in Tower 77. This means that we are now “on our own” and even though we have been ever so grateful to have had a great and safe home in UnoX and YX Denmarks office since our start up, it feels liberating and exciting to be on our own and starting a new chapter. Of course it takes a lot of work, but it is the perfect timing since we can’t visit our schools and go about with our normal business. We use the time to get sorted, get in place and making sure we supply as much support and respect for the schools and the youth in these challenging times.

We are running a quick survey to ensure the schools have run the sessions as planned and to find out if we have to combine some of the sessions in order to complete the Robust Youth programme within this school year. We use Instagram as a reinforcement activity to ensure that the youth has MOT close by every day.

Last but not least, we are so proud of our MOT ambassador, Kristin Steengaard, who completed a DECA just before the new year. A DECA is tenfold Ironman – so she swam, biked and ran an Ironman 10 times within 10 days. Wow! She wore our MOT work out tshirt, she had live sessions on our MOT Instagram profile so the youth could ask her anything while she was on the bike and she had MOT with her all the way! We are so proud of her!


Happy New Year everyone.