Thank you to Atle for 27 years


With gratitude and empowerment

5. January was Atle’s last day as MOT’s top leader and entrepreneur. After 27 years he has passed on the relay baton, and it is with great gratitude and empowerment that we now receive it, and we are ready to take MOT to new heights.

We are in deep respect and admiration of what has been created over 27 years, all the seeds that have been planted and all the lives that have been changed.

You can read Atle’s thank you in his blog

We kicked off the new year with great meetings in our new team and we are very excited to start this new chapter.

Together with the rest of the Supervisory Board I have just spent two days with MOT Foundation’s Executive team. The evening before the meetings, the Executive Team and the Supervisory Board were invited to a goodbye session with Atle. With his clear directions and dreams for MOT’s future, we were inspired and well equipped for good and important strategic discussions. Together with Bård and Sigrid on the Supervisory Board I look forward to follow and support MOT Foundation’s Executive team in their work for our common purpose.

– Morten Laache, Chair MOT Foundation


MOT’s Comprehensive System is completed, and MOT Foundation has a new assignment ahead – to give MOT to more youth, to help strengthening MOT countries and to establish new ones.

Our dream is to see MOT among the top brands in the world. In these times, MOT is needed more than ever before. Youth are in big need for strong values, for awareness and courage – courage to live, courage to care and courage to say no.

We are very grateful to all of you in all MOT countries for the work you do for the youth. MOT Foundation is here for you to give support, to be the hub for inspiration and exchange of knowledge. You are very important examples for the new countries to come.

We are very excited to start our new journey!

Take care!

Warm regards,

MOT Foundation team

Lisa, Katrine, Sigrun, Ellen