Thank you for 27 unique years


Today, I have my last day as MOT’s top leader and entrepreneur. MOT’s extensive development period is over and MOT’s Comprehensive System is finalized. It has been a fantastic and adventurous journey over 27 years, including the establishment of MOT on four continents. MOT is among the best that has happened in my life and MOT will forever be like a lifework and ‘child’ for Sigrun and me.

Thank you, everyone who has inspired Sigrun and me. Thank you, everyone who has supported me as MOT entrepreneur and been a part of my leadership journey. A very special thank you from me to the thousands of youths who have taken MOT to their heart. A special thank you also to the MOT coaches in 5 countries, and who have changed the young people’s lives through mastering the greatest art of all, namely to reach the youth with MOT’s message.

It feels good and right to hand over the relay baton and the leadership to other MOTy leaders who are passionate about spreading MOT to as many as possible in the entire world – in the right way. Leaders who enjoy maintenance, are inspired by daily operations, and who are good at reinforcing the existing.

I would never have stepped down as leader unless I were confident that MOT is in safe hands.

2021 will be a year of transition. I will work to secure future funding for MOT Foundation, write a book about MOT’s impact, be a mentor and support for the new leadership of MOT Foundation, and at the same time be fading into my new projects.

My new daily life will consist of lifting people and companies’ internal culture, performances and leadership through speeches and mentoring.

In addition to being a speaker and mentor for private and public business I will continue as a social entrepreneur. I will offer services as a supplement to MOT through ‘MestringsMentor’ with an objective to strengthen the feeling of mastery and resilience in particularly vulnerable young people, who feel they do not fit in and are at risk of ruining their own and others’ lives.

I look forward to starting on a new chapter and to assist and cooperate with private and public business.

Happy New Year!


My MOT Journey the first 25 years 1994-2019