Mission accomplished

Mission accomplished

The idea to MOT was born in February 1994 and MOT has been like pleasurable hobby for me since that day. I have been bubbling over with joy for MOT almost every day of my work for MOT. I am grateful and feel privileged having had the opportunity to work with something as meaningful for so many years. MOT has been much more than just a job. I have loved the work I have done for MOT and I know how important MOT’s work is for youth and society worldwide.

I am grateful for 27 years with MOT as my passion. In a way I feel lifting MOT to new levels has been an obsession for me 24/7/365 for 27 years. MOT has been a lifework for the Vårvik family and now the ‘upbringing’ is done. This week is a turning point for me. The development work and my time as the top leader of MOT is over. With a good Executive Team and Supervisory Board in MOT Foundation, and good country managements, I feel it is safe to step down.

The most important reason why I feel that the mission is accomplished, is because the development of MOT’s Comprehensive System is ‘completed’. I now feel that everything and all the components are systemized. The ‘package’ is complete. The time and the years are over with me in the driver’s seat for developing MOT at high speed and with instructions and strict discipline, saying ‘this is how it is – this is how the new versions are’ to new and existing MOT countries. The system is ‘set’. A metaphor to that: ‘Hereafter there will be no discussion whether there shall be 11, 9 or 13 players on each team on the soccer field. Now it is determined and accepted: There are 11 players on each team on the field! The rules for the game are fixed.’ Also, there is now a common understanding about the rules. Today, we have five countries who are likely to react and tell new MOT countries if they ‘mess’ with MOT’s Comprehensive System.

I am proud to leave my lifework and the leadership to other forces/managers who are well suited to take responsibility. They are leaders with a sensitivity for the MOT Identity that not many possess and that cannot be taught in school or explained logically overnight.

As early as 2002, I planned for new leaders to take over MOT (in this context meaning today’s MOT Foundation and MOT Norway) from 22. February 2022, and in 2005 it was written in the book ‘The MOT adventure’:

2202.2022. This year shows MOT being in balance. Atle terminates his main responsibility for MOT this year. A new MOT leader has been ‘cultivated’ and is ready to take over.’

Today, I can conclude that my image of the ‘new MOT leader’ in MOT Foundation and MOT Norway is spread over more persons who have a sensitivity for the MOT Identity and in whom there has been invested a lot over many years.

2021 will be a year of transition. I will work to secure future funding for MOT Foundation, write a book about MOT’s impact, be a mentor and support for the new leadership of MOT Foundation, and at the same time be fading into my new projects.

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