The relay baton is passed on to new leaders


From January 2021, Morten Laache will be the new Chair of MOT Foundation. Morten has been a part of MOT since 2000, both as MOT coach and employee.

Katrine Judovica will be the new global leader of MOT and will be very important for lifting MOT to new levels within internationalization and global teamwork. Katrine is initiator and former Chair of MOT Latvia.

Lisa Enga Rønsberg will be the new Managing Director of MOT Foundation and head of MOT’s Comprehensive System. Lisa has grown up with MOT and been an employee since 2007.

Bård Flaarønning and Sigrid Setsaas are important members of MOT Foundation’s Supervisory Board. Bård and Sigrid have both grown up with MOT and had MOT in school.

Ellen Homstad and Sigrun Vårvik are important members of MOT Foundation’s Executive Team. Ellen has also grown up with MOT, and Sigrun is ‘Founding Mother’ and has been a part of MOT since it was created in 1994.

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I am sure of that MOT is in the best hands with these people. However, the most important MOT work will still be done by the MOT countries, that strengthen youth’s robustness and quality of life through implementing MOT’s values; Courage to live, Courage to care, Courage to say no – in youth’s hearts, minds, and lives.

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