Wonderful feelings and festive mood

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Despite the pandemic situation that is getting worse in Latvia day by day again, MOT Latvia has achieved a lot in December.

We managed to organize a Christmas event for all MOT enthuziasts in MS Teams platform. In more then 1 hour long event we’ve heard inspirational speeches, held by Atle and Katrine, live music, performed by MOT coaches Maija and Girts, a wonderful presentation about motivation, made by MOT coach Kristine, beautiful Christmas poems and season greetings to each other. Despite some technical challanges, that has been an great experience and has created wonderful feelings and festive mood.

By the end of the year our biggest partner Narvesen made it’s yearly donation to MOT Latvia that ensures a certain stability for the first half of year 2021. However, raising finances is our top priority to achieve the high settled goals of the year.

Due Katrine’s new position in MOT Foundation she is leaving the chair of MOT Latvia. Nevertheless MOT Latvia is preparing for even bigger change in the board in order to keep the right structure and responsibility areas of each board member. There will be 3 new board members in total, announced in middle of January.

We are also very proud of our new team member’s Rita work, making MOT Latvia Instagram account great again! There is an remarcable content, especially video series, where famous people and MOT coaches were speaking about mobbing. And now we will make contest about the most inspiring people in 2020 to get more fallowers from youth and all the others MOT enthuziasts from the world.

We look forward 2021 and strongly believe that it will bring us to new peaks!