Reinforce the positive


January has been shorter this year or at least that is how it feels ūüėČ. Denmark is still in¬†lockdown, so we have stepped up on several parameters. We have taken in Instagram as a reinforcement activity and created a clear structure, i.e. Takeover Tuesday where youth, MOT coaches and brand ambassadors take over our Instagram and takes us all through their day. Also Challenge Wednesday and Motivation Monday are part of the strategy. The mission is to remind the youth about MOT and create a community for them.

We have also converted session 4 into a virtual session, so that the schools can keep up with the program and not stress about whether or not they will complete the program before summer.

We are receiving dream applications from our Dream Period and Laila is working on these. One of the dreams that we have received is from a boy who dreams of becoming a jazz musician and Aarhus Jazz Orchestra has invited him to practice with them and play at a concert as soon as Denmark opens up again.

There is a public and political debate going on in Denmark at the moment: What is most important to prioritize when the youth comes back to school? Academic outcome or well-being and mental health? We use this ‚Äúopen window‚ÄĚ to be recognized and implemented in schools all over Denmark.

Last but not least we try to give everyone a little smile and reinforce the positive ūüėä. For instance with this little short video.

MOT Denmark