26 new MOT coaches in MOT SA

MOT SA Group picture

We are excited to share that we have welcomed 26 new MOT Coaches to the MOT Family through our MOT Coaches’ Basic Education held in March 2021.

One of our newly trained MOT Coaches and educator, Louise Wheeler, shared during the Basic Education that she admires that the MOT Programme focuses on how to prevent challenges such as bullying, teen pregnancy and substance abuse, from happening as the focus is usually on how to deal with it after the fact.

Newly trained MOT Coach and Young MOTivator, Gary Speelman, shared his MOT Journey which started in 2015 when he was a MOT Youth and then later became a Young MOTivator at False Bay TVET College. Gary shared that since he has become involved with MOT, his life has changed in a positive light and that many have seen the changes within him. Gary shared that he admires that MOT does not tell or force people to change, but what it does is through the tools, activities and group discussions, plants a seed that eventually sprouts and grows when willingly accepted. He advised that the tools provided by MOT are relatable and things that humans deal with daily and that can help them overcome.  Gary shares that until this day he still uses the MOT values and principles as a way of life and continue to use them knowingly and unknowingly in his daily life and community.

The passion and energy displayed by our MOT Coaches during the MOT Basic Education, gives us hope in bringing out the potential of the youth. We are so proud that our MOT Coaches have taken the step to bring about positive change at their schools and community by taking part in the MOT Programme.

Julia Duminy, CEO MOT SA