Why MOT now?


MOT Foundation continues to work on the strategy and is currently researching how MOT can reach more youth in the world. Together with the Supervisory Board we have had great discussions about the strategy, especially focusing on arguments on why MOT is important now. We believe that the window of opportunity is currently wide open, and these are some of the reasons why.

Covid-19 – one year after a new lifestyle governed social distancing and isolation, we are starting to see the consequences of the ongoing pandemic. It comes as no surprise that these restrictions have taken a great toll on mental health and well-being, especially on the younger age groups. MOT can give youth the tools to better cope with the adversity, and be an important source of safety, energy, and courage in challenging times.

Inclusive communities – MOT creates awareness that promotes inclusiveness in communities. The need to belong to a group is a fundamental part of human nature, and feeling included acts as the biggest protective factor of crime, bullying and mental health problems.

UN’s sustainable development goals – MOT can play an important part in reaching the United Nation’s sustainable development goals. The goals MOT can contribute to are

  1. Good health and well-being
  2. Quality education
  3. Reduced inequalities
  4. Peace, justice and strong institutions.

Social media – Social media platforms take up a great deal of time and energy in youth’s lives as the average youth spends five hours a day on a screen. If you didn’t feel belonging to your class twenty years ago, that discomfort eased when you came home. However, with social media, the notion of you being deliberately excluded is unavoidable. MOT creates robust youth who have the tools and resources to master their lives, and include all – on all arenas. This includes social media.

Future leaders with MOTy core values – MOT youth grow up with a toolbox of leadership skills. Using the MOT values in results in the establishment of a value based performance culture and a better work environment.

Increased focus on core values in education – schools and governments across the world are getting their eyes up for the importance of teaching values and building individuals in their institutions. Increased well-being amongst the youth will also create a better learning environment and a strong foundation for knowledge.

MOT Foundation Executive Team