How MOT Denmark use the flashlight

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We have a tendency in MOT to always use the flashlight on the positive. In all fairness, that does work in many aspects, but we lose track on something very important if we don’t also give focus to what is difficult and hard.

Because when is it in life, we need the flashlight the most? When times are difficult. When we feel alone and insecure. When it feels like we are in a hole and can’t get up. This is when we need to find that one little positive thing, that can show us a way out.

Use the flashlight

MOT’s flashlight is about this! Finding the courage to realize and accept the hard times and then finding even more courage to use the flashlight. In my 7,5 years as a MOT-coach, this is what the youth has taught me about this MOT tool.

So, I will honor the tool in all its aspects in this newsletter from MOT Denmark.

Finding solutions

We are struggling to reach our goal of new schools this year. We are not surprised. We know that this is the “name of the game” in a world hit by a pandemic. But we cannot sit back and say: we accept no growth and focus only on our existing schools. Some have advised us to do so, but it is not in our DNA to think like that.

There is more focus on the side effects of Covid-19 on youth than ever before and surveys show that even the most resilient and robust youth break down with insecurity, anxiety, and loneliness.

We must be the solution for the work ahead in schools on this issue: (re)building robust youth who include all through courage to live, courage to care and courage to say no. We cannot sit back because that feels like letting down the youth who needs MOT more than ever.

So, we continue with our online information meetings and contacting schools but the schools are stressed out and not ready to commit – yet.

Saying goodbye

In the same spirit and motivation, we want to hold on to our existing schools! We have lost 2 of our existing schools and we were honestly heartbroken when they sent their resignation. Both are schools we have had on board since the beginning of MOT Denmark, and both are schools where MOT has made a big difference. We have tried our very best to keep them on board but when it became clear for us that the decision was final, we made sure that the “break up” was respectful, sincere and professional.

How you end things will define how you re-connect later on! This is MOT Denmarks mantra!

We use this time to consolidate and being adaptable and flexible. But in a time where we have had many changes internally in MOT Denmark and MOT as a whole, we do find ourselves needing the flashlight from time to time. And that is ok.

Everything will be ok. Nothing stays the same. Just you wait and see …” my grandfather always said to me. And as cliché it might be, it has always shown to be true.




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