Youth story of the month: MOT Thailand

Thailand M2

Bulakorn Songmuang, nicknamed Y, is a country boy who dreams of living a happy life.  He is 24 years old, working as a speaker and MC. He is the first man who organized a class for teaching Acting Pose of Thailand, teaching how to pose for photography.

When I was in middle school, I studied at Aoyama School 2 and I got to know MOT from Teacher Pasuta Sakana or MOT coach Pla. In every class Pla taught us how to use MOT in the lives of the students. I was very grateful to the teacher who had instilled confidence in me since then. It has a very long-term effect on me, both learning and career after graduation.”

For me, MOT made my own development and if I can develop the potential of others. I continue to leap for the better. And by the time when I was 20 years old, I was fully immersed in the speaking field, the field of lecturer teaching personality speech and as a teaching class organizer posing for a photo that conceived the entire teaching course myself I was only 21 years old. Thank you to all the MOT coaches who have guided me and taught me to think, reflect and be courageous in a good way, including;

  • Not giving up during pressure
  • Daring to accept what I am not always good at and instead focus on develop it.
  • Always looking for opportunities to learn
  • Courage to express opinions
  • Dare to take action on new and challenging things and experience

What I do every day:

  • Read online
  • Find ways to improve myself every day
  • Talk to 2 strangers a day and do what you fear every day.”

MOT Thailand