Learning courage in a new way


Dear MOT leaders and friends,

What a time we all living in now! Universal time of change both for us as individuals and as society.

It will never be as yesterday, and we still don’t know what tomorrow brings. But it’s good to know why we are here with MOT – we are here for youth.

One of my teachers said: “It’s easy to love people. It’s difficult to love them as they are”.

It’s easy to set up high dreams, values and expectations. It’s so difficult to live up to them myself.

For me it feels like we are opening new page, that we are learning on the way to be creative and flexible, to be patient and resilient.  We learning courage in a new way!

If MOT is about accepting myself and others, if MOT is about including all, accepting differences and that no one is perfect and “It’s ok not to be ok”, then how does this reflect in my personal and MOT’s life?

Am I enough open to accept people as they are? Am I good enough to admit that life is not always shiny as expected? That others can have different opinions, that I am not always right? Am I ready to say I am sorry?!

It’s not an easy task to be honest and sincere, show the emotions and communicate openly, and I am so happy that we have created this magic with MOT country Leaders in our April and May Global meeting. I am very proud of you, dear MOT global team!

My dream is to have One MOT. One passionate, supportive, caring, fun family, not set of several lonely islands.

A family that is strong in good times and that is even more solid in difficulties. A family where each of us can be heard and respected, where we have unity and individuality at the same time. Place where inspiration and magic sparkle, safe place that is held and cherished, where the flashlight is used to highlight not just positive things but also dark sides when necessary.

Because without dark there can not be light, nothing is just perfect, none is perfect, the world is not perfect. Only when we accept and include it all with love in ourselves and in MOT family, we will be able to create a world that is a better place.

With warmest regards,


MOT Global CEO