Rewarding internal culture


Last week I was interviewed by the worker’s organisation “Lederne” about how internal cultures can elevate people, leadership and organisations. These are some of the thoughts I shared.

I have always been interested in leadership, culture building and growing a brand. A strong internal culture is the most important factor to succeed with long-term brand building.

An important starting point is creating a clear structure, recruiting the right people and delegate tasks they can thrive at. Make sure to clearly define who you are looking for and take your time in the recruitment process. When you have found the right person, give them roles where they can make use of their qualities and skills.

When this is in place, start showing trust. Trust is the strongest foundation you can build a good internal culture upon. The power in trust is monumental. The employees that are given trust become so motivated that they almost forget they are working. Inspire rather than inspect. Believe in your employees instead of controlling them – that is my mantra.

Trust, ownership and responsibility are interconnected. It all comes down to owing
your tasks, while simultaneously being aware that you are a part of a whole.

Tips to build a good internal culture:

System – have a clear frame for the organisation’s concept and brand
Foundation values – have clear internal rules and a recipe for internal culture.
Recruitment – appoint the right people to the right positions.
Training – spend time teaching the newly employed the organisation’s frame.
Trust – trusted employees have a fun time at work!
Ownership – employees who own their tasks and see the connectedness with others will understand the whole.
Responsibility – give responsibility for their own tasks, the whole, the culture and their own development.
Motivation – invite people to inspire each other.
Enthusiasm – passionate employees are inspiring to work in a team with.

The journalist summarised many of my thoughts well, and I assume this is familiar to most of you. However, repetition is more important than new knowledge. Simply to know and want it is not enough, you have got to do it. The journalist did not include the power to make things happen, which together with trust, is the most important factor in creating a strong internal culture and promotes value-based results.

Wish you a lovely weekend.
– Atle –