The parrot story

Thailand J1

Mr. Surapol Jaemwuttipreecha acts as a MOT Thailand vice-chairperson and MOT Thailand ambassador. In the past, he was a vice mayor of Udon Thani Municipality, he took care of the office of the education department for about 15 schools.

He knew MOT for 4 years before he retired from his position as vice mayor of Udon Thami Municipality. He decided to join with MOT Thailand in 2019 in the position is vice chairperson with MOT Thailand ambassador and a MOT coach. 

In this month he wants to present a message to all the MOT people in the world:

Do you have a dumb parrot?  If the parrot could not speak, would it still be useful?  The talk of a parrot is the pride of its feeders. Not the pride of a parrot.

Even if the parrot is dumb, he still has the beauty that will benefit the world.  He will be proud of the beauty of his coat colors  and  satisfied with the natural freedom that he ought to have than being a talkative bird in that beautiful cage.”

We must understand the nature of others. Encourage the parrot to be proud. And the most important is to not take the pride away from others.”

MOT Thailand