IKEA spread joy and energy to MOT-schools in Trøndelag

Norway J1

IKEA Leangen in Trøndelag county wanted to contribute and help MOT Norway do something extra for youth during the Covid-19 pandemic and therefore donated 150.000 NOK to MOT Norway. This resulted in two different activities: A digital event, and a team building day on MOT-camp.

The digital event was a big hit!
110 classes followed a live stream from Rosenborg football team’s studio, an ambassador team for MOT Norway. The live stream was led by two football players and MOT ambassadors Per Ciljan Skjelbreid and Markus Henriksen that guided the classes through competitions.

On forehand, another MOT ambassador, Emil Iversen, had completed different exercises.

The classes competed against each other and the aim was to guess the correct outcome of the exercises.

If you want to see the digital event, you can watch it here!


Teambuilding day on MOT-camp!

4 lucky schools in Trøndelag were given the opportunity to come to MOT-camp and have a team building day where they did fun exercises all day. Some exercises where physical, some where strategic, but all of them were about team spirit and cooperation!

“We are so grateful that IKEA Leangen helped us with financial support to make this happen. We know that many youth have missed having fun with their class, and we must never underestimate the importance of laughter and joy!”

– Mariann Janson, Country Director, MOT Norway