Denmark’s month of opportunity

Denmark Ju3

We are proud to present a new board constellation with Patrick Rønning as chair. We will introduce him later this year. We still have Elo Andersen and Lars Ulslev on board and then we have 2 new strong players:

Arne Nielsson who is “Denmarks Rune Bratseth” only in canoeing. Arne is a famous athlete and one of Denmarks best keynote speakers. He is also an author and has written books about how to coach your teenager instead of educating them.

Jesper Kousholt is a municipal school CEO in Randers which is a big municipality in Denmark. Jesper has a background as teacher and school principal. He is passionate about youth. This is a strong and competent board that will support MOT Denmark in the right direction going forward.

We have 5 new schools onboard in June and August will be an active month for us as we have several meetings with new schools.

I have now met with all our business partners and I am happy that they will stay business partners in the future. Also, I am very proud that they have welcomed my idea on how to get more MOT into their business. Together with Hugo from the Project Group, I have developed the Mature MOTivator program.

Now the title is not my or Hugo’s profit. The idea started with me asking Hugo: How can we get more MOT in our business partners? Hugo said: How about using the philosophy behind Young MOTivators and educate culture builders among the business partners – you know, like old MOTivators! 😊 And that became our working title until Tim and I had a meeting with UnoX and their new CEO Jørgen said: Why don’t you call it Mature MOTivators? And so the title was born.

In short, 2-3 representatives from each company will participate on day 2 of the MOT Basic Education. Here they will sit together with the schools when MOT’s values and principles are being reviewed. Then they go into a network group where I will introduce the tasks of a Mature MOTivator: to implement and complete reinforcement activities within the company. But also to meet each other and network on how to support MOT going forward. This is a way for us to build a bridge between our core activity and our business partners instead of keeping them apart. I trust that this will be a success!

We already have a yes from most of the business partners and I am confident that we will get the last ones on board as well.

Have an exciting and lovely summer.

MOT Denmark

Stina Grøn