MOT South Africa’s eventful Annual General Meeting

SA Ju1

Wednesday we held our 12th Annual General Meeting and 2nd Virtual Meeting to 65 participants, both locally and internationally. The AGM was attended by MOT Coaches, MOT Youth, Board Members Partners, Funders and Potential Funders and Partners.

The theme for our 12th AGM was #Courage2Rise, which means to rise above ones circumstances, challenges and tribulations, and this is exactly what MOT SA done when being hit by the pandemic.

Award winners

We crowned our Are Hovstad winner, Darren Maybe, a Young MOTivator who is truly deserving of this award as he lives MOT’s Core values: Courage to Live, Courage to Care and Courage to Say no in his daily life, is a role model to all his peers and very passionate about including others and making them feel warm and safe within their environments.

Our Courage Award was awarded to Sakhisizwe YDP, who has shown the #Courage2Rise during the pandemic and found different ways on how to still go ahead with the MOT Programme. We thank you for your courage!

And finally, our MOT Brand Ambassador award was awarded to MOT Brand Ambassador, JP Duminy who has been a great support to the MOT Office since joining the MOT Family, is always persistent, consistent in keeping in touch, and makes sure to avail himself whenever needed. Thank you so much!

Goodbye to Julia

We bid farewell to our Country Director, Julia Benjamin who has been with MOT since 2016. We wish her all the best for your next journey, and we thank her for your leadership, her mentorship and friendship. During the 6 years at the MOT Office, she has made a massive impact in all of our lives, and we are so grateful to her.

She may have left the office, but her courage and legacy will remain here forever.

We welcomed our new Country Director, Viola Manual, who will be joining us in August 2021 and we look forward to the next level that she will be taking MOT to.