It requires courage to say #STOP

Norway Ju2

It requires courage to say #STOP is a new collaboration project between MOT Norway and the Norwegian interest organisation “Norsk Toppfotball”, NTF (Norwegian Top Football). The initiative came from NTF who wanted to do something about the issue regarding discrimination in Norwegian football.

MOT Norway and NTF therefore together created a 2-hour session that works for top athletes, younger athletes and also school classes. The aim is to work proactively and make youth and adults aware their own behaviour and to use their courage to say stop or speak out if they witness racism or discrimination of any sort.

MOT Norway has hired Daniel Getaneh Hatland as a project manager for the campaign. He has experienced racism first hand when he was playing football earlier.  Now he is ready to make a difference through MOT. The #STOP-session was tested in June on an 8th grade by Daniel and Core Activities Manager in MOT Norway, Regine, with great success.

MOT Norway look forward to see how big this can get and we hope we can strengthen youth’s courage and awareness even more throughout this project!

Regine Oen Hatten

CAM, MOT Norway