A letter from MOT Thailand’s chairwoman

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This month  MOT Thailand would like to present you about  the message from MOT Thailand Chairperson, Miss Sutisa Utalun . She has known MOT since 2015 , when she was the Vice chairperson of MOT Thailand. Today she is a Chairperson.

Today Miss Sutisa Utalun, wants to share a letter she has written to MOT youth all over the world.

My very dear courageous youth,

Greetings with love to you all. I wish you all are keeping well in the world unexpected for the pandemic. This situation urges us to care for oneself and others. There are many children in different part of the world got infected by COVID-19. There are some who were able to get help in time but so many have died with it. Together with you and all the youth in the world, we keep courage to care for oneself and others. we need to look up and pray that this COVID-19 will get over soon . I wish my dear youth will keep well and together with those who got infected we send our thoughts and best wishes and unite with them in their sufferings take good care and be one with you in spirit.

Much love to you all, Sutisa