What makes you unique?

Markus_Stenersen (002)

Markus is a former Young MOTivator, and has also been a MOT coach for several years. Today he is 28 years old.

Markus inspires me every time I meet him.

Not only does he express good values, but his energy is also contagious. He is an expert at making others feel seen, and he is passionate about finding what makes each and every one of us unique.

The past two weeks I have spent a lot of time with him, and was therefore inspired to write a post about the very thing Markus is passionate about;  what makes you unique.

How can youth and adults become more aware about their UNIQUENESS?

A good place to start is answering these questions.

  • What are my interests?
  • When do I experience mastery?
  • What am I passionate about?
  • What makes me forget about time and place?
  • When do I feel at my best?
  • When or where do I feel like I belong?
  • What is my nature – am I more logical, structured, creative or idealistic?
  • What is my drive? Examples may be family, adventure, innovation curiosity, independence, food, recognition, good deeds, status or being social.

Wishing you a unique weekend.

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