Together everyone achieves more

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The 20th of August was a very special day. For the first time in history, a digital MOT World Summit took place.

We as MOT Foundation were so excited to create this event. Our aim was to connect MOT family, give reminders about MOT values and philosophy, to feel the community and colours of diversity. It was great to get to know each other, welcome new members to the team, and share dreams and important focus here and now.

One of the goals of this meeting was to get valuable outcomes for all. There were interesting discussions on such topics as MOT result validation or quality growth. What could be new creative ways to fundraising? How to best recruit and motivate our MOT coaches?

Many thanks to all of you who contributed to make this event so insightful!

The red thread of the Summit was TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More). Each one of us can achieve much more if we stand together. There are no simple answers in covid times, we all need patience and support. I believe that together we can find the best way forward for the MOT organization.

My big dream is ONE MOT.

Global MOT Team as a sustainable network of independent national organizations that are unified through a shared vision, values, and principles. That we are ready to share, care and learn from each other to maximize the local and global impact.

We are strengthening youth and building future leaders. Let’s be good role models for them too – by living MOT values, leading with passion and purpose, with persistence and commitment, with a clear business mind, balancing all of it in a good MOTy way.

The most touching part of the Summit was to hear the message from MOT youth and realize that no matter in which part of the world they are, they share the same universal values, and they talk about courage as their guiding star.

And that is why we all are here in MOT. For the youth and to create a safer and warmer place for our communities, our countries, our World…

Take care and create joy!

Katrine and MOT Foundation Team

One origin, One mission, One MOT.