MOT Denmark raises awareness on the importance of saying Hi*

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The Hi-campaign is at full speed!

We are running this campaign together with MOT Norway and the success is already noticeable! The media coverage is intense and our schools have taken this campaign to heart because it is simple and effective. The Value Month will be the Hi-campaign going forward, that’s for sure.

Here is a little anecdote from me, Stina, that goes to show that we all can use a reminder on how important it is to say hi to the people you meet.

Do you know me?” a student asked me as I was entering a high school in the south of Denmark who wants to have MOT. I have always been good at saying hi to people I meet, but the Hi-campaign in MOT Denmark and Norway has made me even more conscious about the importance of a “hi”. So now I say hi to everyone, including this young student.

No, I don’t. But I felt like saying hi to you, is that ok with you?” I replied. Now he stopped, a smile grew on his face and we had eye contact. “Hell yeah!” he said “But here in the south we don’t say hi, we say “mojn” when we meet”. Then we said “mojn” to each other and went our separate ways.

I had been driving for 3,5 hours and honestly, I was a bit tired and not ready for a meeting. But this short encounter gave me the energy I needed to go ahead with my day. I’m guessing that it gave him something too as he transformed from “teenage-tired looking-grumpy-looking at my phone” to a smiling young man who looked up and put his phone away as he walked away from me.

This is exactly what a simple “hi” can do! I can’t stop thinking about all the kids and youth I have met through my career. So many of them don’t get a “hi”! It is a rarity for them! For them, a “hi” can be life-changing! Yes, it is a big word but nonetheless, it is true! Imagine yourself getting up in the morning, no one at home seeing you or saying hi to you. You get ready and go to school by yourself. No one on the way to school says hi. A whole day at school and you are invisible – no one says hi to you. The day after, it repeats. Imagine that just one person looked you in the eye and said “hi” with a smile on this day! For sure, it would make you feel seen, acknowledged, worthy and THAT is a life-changing moment for most people!

Say “hi” to the people you meet! You never know if you are the only one who says hi to them. Hi everyone! I wish you a wonderful day!



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