Inspiration from MOT Thailand

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This month MOT Thailand would like to share inspiration from one of our MOT coaches. Ms. Pla or Pasuta Chaochaikhong, English teacher at Non Sangga Nong Wang Wittaya School, Tha Bo District, Nong Khai Province. She has devoted herself to develop of all youth in her school. She was appointed as Core Activities Manager in 2016, and at the present time, she is the inspiration MOT coach of MOT Thailand. And this is her message that she would like to talk to all MOT youth:

As the MOT Thailand Coach, I am pleased to share some of my inspiration to the MOT Youths of the world. On Sunday evening, I went to the hospital because I had got a rash all over my hands which I suspected came out of the vaccination side effect. I was afraid of it and I had a call to many friends who had vaccination on the same day with me to consult about it. I fell down deep because no one got the effect as same as me it made me feel nervous and I was afraid to go to the doctor. I imagined that the doctor will tell me that it is the side effect of the vaccination and I was not ready to hear that. I sit still in the swing all in the morning until the afternoon because I was both worried and nervous. Then my son came to me and said “Momy, why don’t you go to see the doctor? You sit here all day, please go, and then we have dinner together“. I replied that  “I am afraid the doctor will say this is a side effect of vaccination“. My son slept on my lap and said, “Don’t worry mommy, maybe the doctor will tell you that it is the rash from the slug worm”. His words meant much to me.

Sometimes, overthinking can destroy your happiness and courage.

Kind hugs,


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