MOT holds the key to better school environments


We all keep searching for new opportunities how to give more youth MOT. There are many differences between MOT countries, but the needs and long-term goals are similar – to overcome the challenges that Covid has brought with it in the best possible way. Even in tough times, there are always opening new windows of opportunities, and we must be positive and flexible to catch the moment.

Recent International OECD study* on Social and Emotional skills shows an urgent need for “beyond academic” education for youth at age 15, during the important transition period in their lives. The levels of stress, anxiety, loneliness, and bullying are still high, especially in difficult environments. We need to increase a cooperative way of learning, which is important both for the school environment and the student-teacher relationship.

Research emphasizes that there finally is scientifically based data that demonstrates the importance of social and emotional skills for youth’s wellbeing, also for the long-term impact on their academic achievement and abilities to learn and perform!

MOT has the tools that can help make a difference for youth and school environments. Our dream scenario would be that MOT Countries become an integrated part of national education systems. This could be the opportunity to reach out to the institutions and spread the word to decision-makers. Let’s make an effort to build partnerships and design curriculum for schools and universities, and grow the MOT life-skills concept for future generations.

We hope you can find ways to build sustainable development strategies for MOT in your countries. Be patient, consistent, and courageous.

Thank you for your great efforts, dear MOT Countries!

Take care and enjoy every day!

With big respect,

MOT Foundation team

Katrine, Sigrun, Ellen