Youth story of the month: MOT Latvia

Three years ago I was completely exhausted, sad and unfortunate. When MOT came into my life, I learned to be more open to others and certainly returned the joys of my life. When there was a chance to become Young MOTivator, I took this challenge and at no moment did I regret that decision. So many cool and joyous memories, great experience. Our super MOT coach Zane, who has been dealing with us all years, is always in a cheerful mood, always motivating and inspiring, she’s great! Always give you positive feelings. I learned that there are situations where you need to say no when you need to take care of yourself, not just about others and that people need to be taken more in a group than to be pushed back. A great program that has given me very, very much!

Rezija – 1st Young MOTivator in Latvia