MOT Latvia battles new lockdown


After many excellent events in September, October entered MOT Latvia in action with less good news. Unfortunately, there is a very serious situation in Latvia with Covid-19. A large part of society is disappointed in the government’s work and consumes fake news, so they have decided not to get vaccinated, although vaccines are free of charge available to all. We do not reach the required vaccination rates so that life can continue in normal mode.

This led us to fast-growing numbers of infected people and the collapse of our health-care system. The government decided to announce lockdown right after the fall holidays until 15th November. Students learn remotely again, there is stress and insecurity, and in these circumstances, unfortunately, MOT in schools does not have priority No 1. This situation has a significant impact on the development of the programme for the education of Young MOTivators, which is unlikely to take place for 2 consecutive years.

However, for MOT as an organisation October has been intense and has brought a number of good news too. We have invested heavily in addressing potential business partners, meeting and presenting MOT. This has been a success and we have added 2 new ones – Swedbank and Ventspils Nafta Terminal – to our list of supporters. This gives us hope that we will be able to replenish the administrative resources needed for the coming year.

In the field of communication, it is difficult for us to remain neutralised and to see how young people’s interests are not taken into account again and we have to observe the deteriorating mental health. Therefore, on social networks, too, we are clearly expressing our position in terms of adult vaccination, so that students can return to schools as soon as possible. We are planning a new social campaign on inclusion and hope to be heard in society the same way as we did this spring.