MOT Denmark’s network gathering and Norway visit


In the beginning of October we hosted network gatherings all over Denmark for our MOT schools. The aim was of course to let the schools get to know each other and build their MOT network in order to learn from each other and use each other’s experiences when planning the MOT reinforcement activities.

Later on we followed in the footsteps of MOT all the way to Trondheim in Norway. For most of our team, it was the first visit to the MOT-camp. We were very excited to finally be there and feel the MOT spirit ourselves. We stayed at the MOT camp for 3 days and had the pleasure to work with and learn from Mariann and her team from MOT Norway. We felt very welcomed and home at the MOT camp and went back to Denmark already thinking about when to go back again 😊

Right now we are working on recruiting new MOT-schools and planning future information meetings about MOT. We are looking forward to expanding MOT in Denmark so that even more youth can have MOT.